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I am not sure if any of you have used different tactics while shipping your products but I have had to resort to doing different things.

A few years back and I mean 10 Oakley changed their return addrress labels from Oakley, to ORD becasue UPS men and so forth would see the retun address labels and nkow what was being shipped to someone. They started to loose 1000s of packages which you do get compensated, (not fully I mind you) and it takes forever to get the refund.

In the mid 90s Fox also did the same thing as they were shipping packages out and came to conclusion to change the return address on the boxes from Fox Racing to FRI. The package loss rate went down dramatically. They also changed from logo boxes to plain brown.

I have been loosing boxes through both UPS and Fedex for a couple months now and have decided to resort to changing my shipping methods as well. I think that the 50 scene has blown up enough that people are seeing names and realizing what those names mean and the potential to get a big hit in the package. Most the guys in the docks handling packages are 16-25.

Hopefully this will stop some of the lost packages, i was getting way to many and everyone knows that once a package ships we dont sit and track each one to its destination. We dont know its lost till its been way to long. Most the time when the customer feels its a few days past do and then we can get some one to check on it for them. By this time they have been waiting for ahwile.

Id encourage all of you to do the same and get rid of your retuen name on your packages as it has been one big headache since packages started to come up MIA.
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