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It seems there's a number of you guys that don't much like the mobile app, but don't realize you can opt out of it! I taken some screenshots on my Android phone to show you how to do that. If anyone can do the same for i-People, we'd all appreciate that, too.

1) When you first open the page, you'll automatically see this Mobile View app. Click the 3 horizontal lines at the top left (arrow).

2) That will open the second screen...Click Exit Enahanced Mobile View.

3) You'll be asked to confirm your OK.

4) You'll then be taken to the normal, full-browser Home Page. From there, enter your login info, and click the "Remember Me" box before you click Log In. With that, your mobile browser will remember your choice, and you shouldn't see the Mobile App again!

Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion y'all may have. If you have any other questions, send me a PM, and I'll try to help.



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