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On the fence..part or sell my JDM XR100M??

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Whataya think guys?? Should I sell or part my japanese imported XR100M? In addition to the stock bike with the 12" JDM NSR/F wheels, here's the mods:

Pro taper Bars

swage brake line (front)

SPI fork brace

Posh heavy duty fork springs

Fork pre-load adapters (not installed yet)

Setrab oil cooler

Daytona digital temp (reads Celcius)

Digital Tach

Yoshimura 115cc Race kit which includes:

-Yoshimra Mikuni TMR-MJN24 24 mm Flatside carb

-BMC filter

-Yoshimura Race Cam

-Yoshimura Quick throttle & cable

-Yoshimura 57mm piston

-Yoshimura cylinder w/oil pick-up

Posh race CDI (with 8 different maps)

Posh oil catch bottle

JDM (stock) 5 speed trans

Custom rear sets

Kitaco highflow oil pump

Kitaco pre-load/height adjustable rear shock

Yoshimura tri-oval exhaust (American)

Bridgestone bt601SS tires

and a few others that I've probably forgotten

Check out my avatar..

I have about 90% of the stock what ya think..Part or sell???
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Do you have some pics ?? How much r you asking ?? for the hole thing ??
PM/send me you email address and I'll send you some pics. I know how much these are worth in the japanese market but I'm not sure what to ask for in the U.S. , hence the need for a feeler. I would really prefer to sell it as a complete package but I know how that goes.

I know, for sure, how much all those mods cost me in Yen :D and my rule of thumb is to take the price of the bike and mods, half it (50%) and start negotiations from there. However, I dont know if this method will work for a bike that so few people know what it "really" is...
there was a another xr motard for sale and it didn't sell whole. he ended up parting it

there's also a stock plated one for sale right now that hasn't sold. i can't sell my crf50 either.

if you part it i'd be interested in a few of the items.

where you located?
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