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old thread back... click page 3

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hi guys just finished my new bike still has some of the orginal parts from my 1st xr50 what do you guys think

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those links are wrong for the pics. whe i copy/paste the adress it says the page doesnt exist
also, in ur tags, the ":" is in the wrong place, supposed to be before the two "//"
i already did all that. If you copy/past the link it takes you to a page that says 404 not found, which means he has the wrong address for the pics doesnt exist, that might be the problem.. :lol:
it does exist, its two "L"'s not one
can i email them to someone i cant work it out
seding them through now thanks
hey bro, those pics will not download to my comp. you send them to someone else and see if they can download them
after some URL hacking, here are the real url's

Your welcome! :D
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wow that thing is saweet, another twin spar to add to the race lol
awesome bike. What kinda front number plate is that?
Looks good. Welcome to the Perimeter club. You are the third because Pimpin doesn't have his pictures up. I was first, then gwmx231, now you, next will be Pimpin.
yeah go Chilli :D , its good to see that us Aussies can still have trick bikes and oh yeah did you get my email about the trail bikes head?
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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