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Okay can i get a swingarm

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id like to buy a five-o swingarm, but i really dont plan on getting forks or a frame anytime soon... would it be worth it?
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it wil feel alot better landing off of jumps and going thru woops
yeah i decided a swingarm would do me better use then an exhaust, whats so great about an i shock also? and what chain will i need?
i dont know about chain, but ishocks raise ride height, and increase your travel, it is way worht the money
hey do you have aim? aim me srb88042
just get a renthal, DID, or RK chain.......they are all good.
yea i have aim, but i am at school right now, my sn is lahayeracing15
alright, just waitin on my moms approval and im ordering the

Sik 50's swingarm


and i shock
get a starcross or millville front tire..

hey just aim me ill give you some tips.
hey, you payin for all that or is your mom?
oh yeah i have a kx 125 and i havent had it long can i stick 10 W 40 car motor oil in the gear oil? i was told i could but im just making sure
you could but motor oil has special additives that will create a film on the discs... this will make the plates not catch as well.

u should stick with the gear oil
ya that oil will be fine, you could put water in the xr and it would probably be fine... :wink:

(ok for anyone thinking i was serious about the water, no do not put water in your xr! i was joking! :roll: )
pimpindahoes set me up with a sik setup and a sik price at sik50'

^^^ :) and thanks for the rest of you guys' help.
im glad i could help you out. now your gonna have the sik-est bike in your entire state!! keep the mods going....its addictive :D
yea lol but who got here first, :lol:
^^ hehe sry

yea www.sik50' does have good deals on their website. You can always just call them with what you need. they will set you up with the right stuff.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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