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oil leak around cylinder

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I have some oil seeping around where the cylinder (have a BBK 81cc) and the head attach. The gasket is a lil soaked. its not dripping, but I can see it is moist. do I need to replace the seal or just tighten the head bolts up? If so, what is the torque specs on the head bolts? thanks in advance
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Did you put the circle shaped rubber gasket over the hole where oil goes into the head? Is the oil coming out of the top or bottom?
yeah I put that rubber seal in... i have had the BBK since last x-mas, and have just noticed the leak. it is pretty much all around the gasket.. but mostly at the bottom and around the plug area.
I just tighten things till they feel right, dont even worry about torque specs.
That is what I did. But wanted to make sure it was not anything more serious. anytime I think it is simple there is always something worse going on. Thanks again
I dont think there is anything else going on, at least there shouldnt be, probably just needs to be tightened, or at the most you may need to do a topend on it.
Hey there.. I'm new on this board..

There could be a few reasons why it leaks if it's been together for awhile.. If you fire it up and don't let the engine warm up you'll puke gaskets and of course incorrect torque settings.. Most likely though it's because of not letting the bike warm up,, metal expands at different rates.

That gasket is used up, get a new one.. Or if your cheap(and you don't care) pull the head and use the copper gasket sealer and it'll never leak.. but just torqueing(or cranking) it down won't do a thing exept risk snapping a bolt/warping a head or burning a valve.

Why cheap out on a $5 gasket? Sound like you have some $$ into that engine..

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