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Oil cooler and bbr u flow? Will both work?

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I am sort of new to all this and I have bought a 05 klx with the kitaco 143cc big bore kit with the 4 valve race head, it has the bbr u flow intake with the 28mm carb kit and I was told I need an oil cooler with this setup and I was just wondering if an oil cooler will fit with the bbr u flow since I thought the brackets are both on the left side of the tank? So I just want to know how the oil cooler will mount up and maybe some pictures if you have some let me know and which oil cooler works better, if I should stick with kitaco since that's what motor I have? Some advice please, thanks
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Save your money and don't buy an oil cooler. All the engines I built for BBR and currently, never once did I ever run an oil cooler.

If you want the bling factor then go for it, but just know it's not needed. ( IMO )
Of course he wants you to buy an oil cooler because it's more money for his shop.

As for the amount of cooling an oil cooler does on a KLX, is very minimal and it's just another place for your engine to spring a leak. To me as a race bike builder, the small advantages of cooling the oil ( in a KLX application ) doesn't out weight the chance for oil leaks whether it's in a crash or just mechanical failure.

As for an exhaust. I've found that the Pro Circuit T4 pipe works well for engines under 150cc.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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