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oil catch

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How many of you are running oil catch can's of some sort on your "dirt" 50's. I know most street guys have them to keep oil off track, tires, etc. I was riding on our 1/4 mile banked oval track (wide open all the way around if nobody gets in the way) and noticed oil from head breather. I know it is common at high revs for a long time so I'm not worried (as long as still enough oil in motor). I was just wondering if anyone is using catch cans. I built one from aluminum. I ran head and case breathers into a T. I then ran breather into top of can. Ran another hose out of top of can with filter. I am going to make it so I can tell the level of oil in it without taking it off. I was also wondering if anyone (z88r) recommends if I run a drain back into cases so oil will drain from can to cases while bike is off. Or if I should just keep an eye on oil levels in bike and catch can.
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its your bike. how much money/work you want to do?
I don't care how much work I do. I like doing that sort of thing. I was just wondering if anyone else uses them. It wouldn't be hard to run a line back to cases. I just didn't know if anyone recommends it or even if people use them. I am going to keep it on there. I just wanted to know what everyone thought about them.
do it! your not going to neeeeed it, but it would be cool.
2 words, 1 squid.

Cam Mclean.

He runs one. His is carbon fiber though, I think.
I am making one. I am trying to find a fitting that will fit the oil fill hole for my return. Anyone have any ideas?
I don't think you guys understood me. I ALREADY made it. I was wondering if I should add an oil return to motor. I guess I will. I just need to drill hole in case and tap it or get it to go into the filler hole. I know Cam has/ had one. It was carbon fiber. The thing is, he spent $70 on his and mine has not cost anything. I have had fittings so far. I'll take pictures sometime.
ya, I wouldn't drill a hole into the case, prolly be better to use the oil filler hole
what part of my post made it seem like i did not understand you.
FatGuy_On_A_Fiddy said:
what part of my post made it seem like i did not understand you.
I don't think he was talking to you when he said that, I think he meant Logikal and Fiveo
mxracer728 said:
[quote name='FatGuy_On_A_Fiddy']what part of my post made it seem like i did not understand you.
I don't think he was talking to you when he said that, I think he meant Logikal and Fiveo[/quote]

:wink: yep :p
Here are two pictures I took really fast...

I have decided not to make a line back to motor. I am going to make a site glass so I can see how full the can is. I am going to weld it together and build a bracket to mount it. Now it is held by zip-ties. I just wanted to make sure it did what it was supposed to. Now I can clean it up, make site glass thing, weld it together, weld tabs for mounting, and install it for good. When I am done I will take some pictures. Again those are not good quality.
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Does your bike have an oil cooler CR57?
looks like a tough spot to make a return line.

a drain screw in the bottom would be good, the stuff that comes out my hoses looks scumy
Here's my take in this. You aren't going to lose much oil through the breather, so if you check your catch tank often, you don't need to drain it back to the case.

Most catch tanks have 4 bungs on them.

1. Line from head to catch tank

2. Line from breather on motor to catch tank

3. Line from catch tank to oil filler hole

4. Line from catch tank to open air with a filter

Here's my setup on my street bike:

For those of you who want a tiny catch tank, there is a copy in Japan by the name of Kijima. They make a very small catch tank that's pretty trick and is going on my next restomod project. Here's a picture of the catch tank:

You can get it with regular lines for around $65, or with the stainless mesh earl's type hose for around $110.00 plus shipping from Japan. I prefer the stainless hose as it looks better, and it is more resistant to tearing or melting.

Do what you feel most comfortable with, and keep the rubber side down.
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i like your bike... really trick.

i dont understand why you would want to run a line back to your case. b/c the oil and stuff that comes out of the breather hose looks pretty nasty to me. and i wouldn't want it to go back into my bike. just my 2 cents
With an oil catch tank, it's a semi-closed system. The oil that vents out the head is the same oil that's in the motor, and merely circulates and goes back into the motor.

You have clean air coming in through the breather at the back of the bike, and breather tubes from both the case and the head, how is the oil going to get contaminated?

Head breather tubes with catch tanks have been around for 20 years in Japan, and I know very little Japanese who run just the breather tubes off the head. My system is balanced with crankcase pressure and pressure from the head, and my oil doesn't get all foamy and nasty like it would with just a breather.
Yes, I have an oil cooler.

I would have 3 lines in catch can but I only have two. I ran the case breather and the head breather together with a T fitting. That way I only have 2 fittings on the can.
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