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NSR50 > NSF100 conversion

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I am joining the dark side. A bone stock NSR50 is too long in the tooth to keep up with the 4s MiniGP bikes. Our spec class puts the NSR with the Honda NSF100 and Kayo GP 125.

My donor bikes are: 2004 Honda NSR50, 2002 Honda XR100

I have the bracket kit coming from Brian over at team quazzy moto
XR100 Motor Bracket Kit for NSR50
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Michael, thanks for the post! I'm glad they are working out for ya! I try to make the swap as simple as possible.
I can't wait to see ya on track with it winning races! Keep us all updated! It's looking good!
Good points! As a race bike, I just bump start all my bikes. You'll be surprised how easy it bump starts! Plus, you can now ditch the kick starter shaft and save some weight! Just need a plug for the cover!
For the exhaust, I just wrap my header. The seat is a little warmer, but not that bad or noticeable.

Bike sounds good! Have fun with it

-Brian Conrad
I've use the 1/4 turn Emko (I think that's how it's spelled) throttle. Kataco 1/4 turn works good too.
Do you have the gearing figured out? I'm sure Brian helped ya with some of that
Has extra pull..?? I bet I can help ya get that extra pull on them if u tweak the motor a little bit! ;)
glad it's working out well.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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