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NSR athena kit

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i want to get an athena big bore kit for my NSR but is having trouble finding a sales rep number or a distributor. can anyone help me out w/ a contact number or maybe u have the kit laying around that u might want to sell.??
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thanks for the link!.. but it's foreign. how about a u.s. distributor?
I had an Athena kit... search on Google for Athena US rep... I use to have the guys name and number, but lost it.
so i finally found a site that has all the nsr/ ns50f goodies that i could handle. Tuning parts for mopeds, scooters and motorbikes, and Jolly Moto exhausts. . i was just wondering how many of u guys would trust the generic brand 70cc big bore kit for the nsr??
JollyMoto isn't a generic brand... they make some of the best exhausts for the NSR... from what I've heard anyway, but they are a lot of money so not many people have them
Jolly Moto makes some SWEET big bike 2 Stroke exhausts too.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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