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now i'm gonna start some tish, sik 50's or sano swing arm

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well i have i a chance to get either swingarm for a great price, within cents of each other. i know i'm gonna get what ever company you perfer, but... lmk what you think of yours, and what kinda ish you want to say about the cometitor.


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Just a quick note:

you valve a shock accourding to a riders weight and style (MX/SX/trail)

you spring the bike accourding to weight (Exception in SX though)

race sag (pre-load) is how you make the bike settle in order to track true and streight. adjusting pre-load does nothing to stiffness, the spring is a ?? rate and that will never change. Pre-load only changes the race sag and you should adjust this until it tracks properly.

spring rates are super important, you can have a killer valving set-up in the shock but with too lite of a spring for the rider it will travel through the stroke to fast and bottom. And on the other side if its rate is too stiff it will not bottom but feel harsh.


Milan Harris
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Milan's right on the money. Hey Milan dont you do suspension work?
Jetster220 said:
Milan's right on the money. Hey Milan dont you do suspension work?
hes like a Race Tech technition or somewhere along those lines
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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