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Jetster220 said:
If you feel your ishock spring was to soft then why didnt you just crank up the preload some. And I dont think the Sik50's swnigarm felt more progresive, it just felt stiff, more like riding a rock. Not saying that Sik50's dont have nice stuff or they arnt great guys but I really do not like the way there swingarm works, it seems to me like it does the opposite of what a extended swingarm is supposed to do. I think of a extended swingarm giving a plusher ride with smoother shock action, the Sik50's swingarm gives neither. But in the end its up to you. But me, I think that if I buy a $300 swingarm I want it to improve my suspension setup and action, not make it worse.

i agree but i think the sik50 swingers are supposed to use a worx shock and htat could be why it felt stiffer
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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