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noticing forks

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at my local track, i saw two kids riding kid had bombshells, the other kid had i think xr75 forks. the bombshells looked bouncy over small bumps, but when the xr75 forks went over the same bumbs, they just soaked them right up.

do the xr75 forks just have a slow spring rate or what???
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im sure they were modified forks..the bombshells are crap IMO. they are like moutain bike side being sprung and the other is oil bathed.

go for the sr6's from stav
i wish the other side was oil bath, all it is is and air cartridge.

the kid might just have had his preload set on fast, but they are kind of a springy feeling forks.
Chances are the Sanos will be stiffer on small bumps, but handle the big air a lot better then the XR75 forks will.
its all about what you have your forks setup to do, and your capabilities. that kid probly sucks. but you cant tell a fork until youve ridden it.
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