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Nor cal races!

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March 8th round one Saturday night pit bike series. Practice starts after hill climbs arround 4-5p. It's a great time bring all your friends even of they don't have a bike. Lots of classes for all sized bikes and age groups. Located at carnagie svra outside of Livermore in Tracy, ca.
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Sweet I hope I can get my bike together and broken in by than
Here are some track pictures from last night. The track was in the best shape ive ever see it they did an awesome job with some new track changes and great prep. i would estimate about 200 spectators, maybe 50+ entries. overall an awesome night. the 12" open expert class was only me and one other guy but they put us out with two other classes so we didn't feel lonely haha. ill post a go pro of the track soon.
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Do they maintain the mini track even after the race event?
Track Is closed to the public unless an event is being held unfortunately. It's a shame because it is a really fun track. Maybe if we had enough intrest and got some sponsors we could work with the guys to put on pitbike races more often and not only at the hill climb events.. Right now it is basically night time entertainment for the hill climb crowd and campers.
Looks like fun! I may have go to the next one. Do they check green/red stickers for the event? my BBR isn't reg'd.
No they do not require registration stickers of any kind or spark arrestors
No they do not require registration stickers of any kind or spark arrestors
that is if your are not riding in the park, just racing on the track that night.

Next round is April 12th come on out!!
Yesssss!!! I thought it was the 18th. Looks like I can make the April round after all! The track was prime last time!
Next round is this weekend! Hopefully my bike doesn't break this time lol! Should be fun!
I have to bail on this weekend... Saving up my brownie points for del mar. See ya in October!
I have to bail on this weekend... Saving up my brownie points for del mar. See ya in October!
bummer man haha. The old sand hill is opening up as diablo mx ranch. Will have to get some mini guys out there when it opens back up!
Is there anything going on around nor cal for races or events for mini bikes?
Nope. It sucks. April you can race sacramento raceway on the pit bike
I didn't even know there was a track still out there, what is it Friday night races starting in April ? Do they post a race schedual with class info and start and practice times?
yeah. practise starts at 6. pit bikes always go last practise and moto. go to sacramento and go to the motocross section for all the info. a couple of years ago there would be almost 20 of us on the gate everytime but the last couple of years there has not been a good turn out. there is two classes for pit bikes 10/12 and 12/14 unlimited mods.
Sounds like fun, I got a 10" 12" set up with a 109cc motor I should be good for the 10-12" class right? You ride anywhere local normally?
Yes you would be in the 10/12 class. I ride big bikes alot. Prarie city. Club moto oat field hollister dixon but i have only been ridding minis around my house and in the woods. Im totaly down to ride mx on my pit bike but there isnt much going on anymore
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