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Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are hearing correctly. The MiniGP 12hr Endurance race is being held on April 25th! The details are as follows.


New Jersey Motorsports Park

8000 Dividing Creek Road

Millville, NJ

F1 Karting Liberator Course

Date and Time:

April 25th

7:30am Registration Opens

8:30am Mandatory Riders Meeting

9:00am Open practice

10:00am Race Start

Race Details:

4 Riders per team MINIMUM ($100 per rider for members)

2 bikes per team maximum

4 classes to choose from (Stock 100, Stock 150, F2 and Outlaw)

See website for race class details at Race Classes » NJMiniGP

30 Teams Max so get registered and fill out a team form ASAP to reserve your spot.

Team form can be found here.

[email protected]
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There is no Stock 150 class listed on the form.

Also what are entry fees if a rider is riding on two teams or two classes?
Rider Entry #1 - $100
Rider Entry #2 -

2 teams is $140. the stock 150 class wont be on the form until people actually show up for it. Just write it in and I'll know.
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