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NJ MiniGP's Final 2012 Schedule of Events
NJ MiniGP's Final 2012 Schedule of Events

Here it is, FINAL!

NJ MiniGP made a few adjustments to avoid as many conflicts with other races and events going on in the area. No reason to miss any of the FUN!!!

April 21st Sat Open Practice NJMP Liberator

April 28th Sat 4HR Endurance Race #1 NJMP Liberator

May 12th Sat Sprint Race #1 NJMP Avenger

June 2nd Sat Open Practice Sandy Hook

June 24th Sun Sprint Race #2 NJMP Liberator

July 8th Sun 4HR Endurance Race #2 NJMP Avenger

July 21st Sat Sprint Race #3 Sandy Hook

August 4-5th Sat National Sprint Race #4 BeaveRun

August 18th Sat Open Practice NJMP Avenger

September 3rd Mon 4HR Endurance Race #3 NJMP Tempest Full Circuit

September 7-9th F-Sun NJ Mini Display at AMA NJMP N/A Display only

September 23rd Sun Sprint Race #5 NJMP Liberator

October 7th Sun Open Practice NJMP Avenger

October 21st Sun Sprint Race #6 NJMP Avenger

November 3rd Sat 4HR Endurance Race #4 NJMP Tempest Full Circuit

Schedule « NJ MiniGP
BeaveRun Motorsports Complex
Location: Wampum, PA
Track Address:
201 Penndale Road
Wampum, PA 16157


The 2012 Track Schedule will be finalized shortly. We are working feverishly on getting this done.

Membership registration for the 2012 Season is Now Open

Riders returning from a previous season, please get your 2012 NJ MiniGP Membership from your Member Page
New riders, please use the links on the Login Page to get started
Typical Practice Day Schedule
Typical Race Day Schedule
Last updated: Dec. 30,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The schedule is finally out and we are ready to rock and roll. Go ahead and get your memberships paid for. If you are a returning member just log in with your username and password. Let me know if you forget what it is and I’ll send it to you. This season is going to be filled with some great events. We’ve got four $HR Endurance races at New Jersey Motorsports Park as well as a few practice dates and a 6 race sprint series.

Supermoto bikes welcome!

We have had race classes for supermoto bikes for a couple years now and 2012 is no different. If you want to ride NJMP on a supermoto, now’s your chance.

Five Different tracks!

We have a ton of tracks to run this year including BeaveRun, SandyHook Speedway, and three different configurations at NJMP.

Win Big at NJ MiniGP!

What a year for sponsors. Danny Walker has stepped up for the Stock 100 class offering packages for the series champs. Arai Helmets is stepping up offering a full helmet ride for the F1 class champs. Team Promotion is getting involved offering track day credits for the winners of the Supermini class races. And this is just the start of the bonuses. Details on those sponsorships will be updated on the website soon. I would say it would be updated today but I’m an idiot with web design.

Stay tuned folks!

More Info.

Quote from: MAZZ77X on February 08, 2012, 05:26:21 pm
NJ MiniGP could never get a good turnout and following at OVRP so we sadly had to say good by. Tim is the best and were gonna miss him and the OVRP atmosphere but we must grow as a club.

Sandy Hook speedway is a very cool track and NJ MiniGP is gonna fit in well there.


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Can't wait to run at PIRC ( aka - Beaver Run ) Mini National again in August !!! Gonna try and see if I can hit up SandyHook and maybe NJMP too . Well...., that is if I can get the time off .. :)

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