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OK here it is everyone.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!! Wink

NJ MiniGP 2011 Schedule

April 9th Sat = Open Practice @ NJMP - Liberator

April 23rd Sat = 4 HR Endurance Race # 1 NJMP - Avenger

May 15th Sun = Sprint Race Round # 1 NJMP - Liberator

May 21st Sat = Open Practice @ OVRP

June 11th Sat = Sprint Race # 2 @ Beaver Run with OYL

June 26th Sun = 4 HR Endurance Race # 2 NJMP - Liberator

July 24th Sun = Sprint Race Round # 3 OVRP

Aug 7th Sun = Sprint Race Round # 4 @ Beaver Run with OYL

Aug 13th Sat = Open Practice @ NJMP - Avenger "Possible night time Sprint Race if NJMP installs lights"

Sept 5th Mon = 4hr Endurance Race #3 AMA Race Weekend NJMP - Tempest

Sept 11th Sun = Sprint Race Round #5 OVRP

Sept 24th Sat = Open Practice @ NJMP - Liberator

Oct 8th Sat = Sprint Race Round # 6 NJMP - Liberator

Oct 29th Sat = Sprint Race Round #7 NJMP - Avenger

Nov 5th Sat = Annual Benefit 4hr Endurance NJMP - Tempest

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All dates confirmed and locked in.

May 8th was rescheduled for May 15th everything else remains the same.

Now all we need is spring to arrive!!! :D Hope to see you at the track:cool:

Thanks, Anthony

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Time to get some knobbies guys - The Masters of Mini Series hosting Round 2 of our tour at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ on Saturday July 30 and we are calling out the NJMiniGP gang to come play with us. This round is being billed as MoM vs. 2UP vs. NJMiniGP vs. the old Trapani crew vs. the world.

We would love to have you guys come join us - race, watch and/or party - come meet the rest of the Northeast Pit Bike Community!

We are all camping over and Raceway has offered us all $5 off a Sunday Practice pass with a MoM race wristband from the July 30 race.

Hoping you all can join us! More info on the MoM thread

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