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Does anyone have a 1/8th scale buggy they want to trade for 2 electric cars? Preferebly RTR but would be interested in anything.
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what kind of electric cars?

would you be interested in a rc10gt?
Whats all on the associated?
An evader st with P2K motor and a LOT of tires. A tamiya on road car with 4 bodies Duratrax Blast ESC , paradox pro 27turn motor. I would probably only trade one of these for the associated because they have quite a few extras with them. I really would like a 1/8 buggy or a race

I have a Losi XXX Kinwald Edition and a Factory Team TC3 for sale.

I sold my C2, but I have a LRP V7.1 for sale.

3 or 4 3000 PRO MATCH Factory team batteries

Millenium Pro charger with Novak Powersupply.

a P2k2 PRO - Monster Stock - and a few other motors.
YOU SOB :lol:

Ahhh, I have a tendecy of doing that.

So who wants my cars? :lol:
I am trying to get this guy off ebay to trade me two gs storm rollers for my electric cars. But it most likely will not go thru so i am interested in MT and 1/8 buggy right now so i can race with the big dawgs at our track.
1/8 scale big dogs eh..I live by Jeremy Kortz.
cool se if he wants to trade :lol:
ill take that losi off your hands if you take the gt off mine... :p
Getting out of the hobby, not back in it. :lol:
someone has to have nitro out there
I have a Kyosho 7.5 and a Hyper 7 RTR, but I don't want to trade for electric. I may sell them, though. Or, if you have some fiddy parts I need, we could trade.
we could trade then you could sell my stuff for fifty stuff :lol:
hey if anyone is a serious racer......or looking to get into RC cars i have over 10,000 worth of cars, cahrgers, batteries, remotes, motors, everything you can possibly need to race with the best. ill sell pretty cheap for it all together.
Pimpindahoes, where'd you race?

I used to go to SoCal every other sunday since im about 2 hours away.

Used to go to hotrod hobbies frequently.
I used to race out at Hemet at The Dirt. But, it ate into my riding time 8)
THREAD STEALERS!!!!!!! :lol:
i know its not a i/8 buggy but...

i have a traxxas 2.5cc nitro rustler
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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