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2002 XR 50 I have owned this bike since new. Oil was changed every other time I rode it. The asking price is $3900 OBO not looking for trades or to part out the bike. This is a good looking bike that was always cleaned after ridding. I have more pictures of the bike if needed. Contact me at [email protected] if you want more information.

BBR Super pro Frame power coated black with glitter in coating.

Elka Shock

Sano Bomb Shell forks

Fast 50’ foot pegs

BBR heavy duty foot peg mount.

Fast 50’s Shifter ½ longer

WARP 12” front rim and WARP 10” rear rim

Heavy Duty Spokes for both rims

Tag bars

Two Brothers Die-cast Aluminum housing Throttle

Two Brothers Chain guide

88 Takegawa R Head and Piston

Crower Custom ground cam

Kataco 88 Jug

Keihin PE24 MM carb

Takeqawa Hyper CDI

Takegawa Super Oil Pump

Takegawa Breather Pipe

Lightened fly wheel

Regina Chain

CRF style plastic

BBR Skull Graphics

Tall seat and cover


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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