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I'm ordering the TBParts 88cc RH kit and HD auto clutch and I have a few simple questions.

1. Do I run the same spark plug as stock?

2. Will the stock pipe with the baffle removed work?

3. I have a BBR bar kit and BBR throttle. Will the throttle be good enough?

4. Can the big bore, HV oil pump, and HD auto clutch be installed without removing the motor, or is it easier to pull the motor?

5. Does the kit come with everything I need, like carb cable, etc?

6. I have the clutch nut tool, assembly lube, extra oil, and basic hand tools. Is there anything needed?

7. What is the break in procedure? How about oil changes, valve adjustment, etc?

8. Will the stock gearing be okay? I mainly just ride the bike around the yard and cruise the streets.

Thanks for the help.

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I'm running the Tak 88+r with stock trans and hd clutch springs also have bbr hv oil pump so to answer your Q's:

1) stock plug will work fine

2) should be ok to start with

3) throttle will work, will need cable to match carb(it may come in kit)

4) I'd suggest pulling motor to work on..install will go so much smoother

5) check with company you are purchasing kit through to be sure

6) just take your time

7) a couple heat cycles to start with, then giddy up...change oil after break in ride, if valves are not noisy check after a couple of oil changes

8) depending on size of area you are riding stock gearing should work fine
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