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new SSR DX3

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so i just ordered my christmas present, SSR DX3.

and i wanted to make sure i had all the supplies ill need to ride it the first day i have it :D.

i know i could have looked up the forums for this but im so excited for my first pitbike that i had to make a thread.

sooo.. locktite on the bolts, and change the oil? thats all i remember so far.

also what oil and how much. an do i need to change fork oil or anyother oils?

so excited:cool:;)
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also what do you put the loctite on?

which bolts?

and should i get blue or red?
use red on everything and try to find a deal or something on a case of oil you will need a lot about a quart or so each change and change it the first couple times you ride then like every other time
20wt fork oil

check spokes at first and after a few rides.
personnaly i use blue loctite. the red and small chinese bolts sometimes dont mix well. and use mineral based oil for break-in not synthetic. after that use motorcycle specific oil or at the very least SF grade(SF doesnt have all the "friction modifiers" that the newer grades like SH,etc. have) most of these engines use between 3/4 to a quart and come with a dipstick to check the level.

oh and dont use loctite on any locknuts with nylon inserts or they will self destruct.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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