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New SE Sik50 Swingarm

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special edition color of the awesome Sik50 Aluminum Swingarm.

It looks sooo sick in red.. If your intrested in it, call us at the Shop (805) 278-7200 and ask for Cam. Limited quantity so first come first serve!



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looks like a fiveo podium, but red :lol:

yea, its a billetware.
got it in blue????
FiddyNick said:
got it in blue????

ya, buy a silver one and take the the bearings out and go get it anodized lol
ya, buy a silver one and take the the bearings out and go get it anodized lol

how about i take the bearings out of you and get you anodized lol
and me get me anodized....what? lol
would you guys sport that swingarm??
cam wanted pink and atom wanted a different color so they met half way inbetween
cam wanted it pink, but that was the closest color so he chose that.

we agree. you just beat me to it. lol.
Id have to see what it looks like on a bike first.
I want mine to look like that to match my frame. :(
wuts all different about it?
WOW that looks just like a Sano swingarm we did 3 MONTHS ago.

Matt Buyten runs it...

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Is it just me or do 90% of all the conventional type swingers look alike? :lol:
hey willis...sry if sik50s anodizes things....we will try to think of sumthing original....cmon willis, everyone and there cuzon anodizes things everyday its no ones idea. if u wanna imply that we copied sano, then everyone whos ever anodized sumthing has copied the guy who invented the anodizing process.... i dont wanna argue but ur post bugged me lol
The only difference is that the guy that invented it never had to do it again because he is now loaded. lol.
lol true dat
I didn't say Sik 50s compied anyone.

I just said that we did made a red swingarm a long time ago.

Funny how you say "we will try to think of sumthing original" like you work there ;) .
And you make it sound like you work at sano or something. HAHAHAHAHA. LMAO :lol: :lol:
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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