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new rider for mini moto sx 2013

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hi I am going to the mini moto sx 2013 in the 10 stock/mod class... I was wondering what I can do to my Honda crf50 get the the most power out of it... i have a pipe, bbr rev box and a big bore kit. what else am i aloud to do to my bike... and what should i exepect from the racing... what gear should i run and what gear to start in... thanks a lot for the help guys...
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I raced this class last year and I'm not racing it this year. I had an exhaust, open filter, aftermarket rev box and stiffer springs front and rear. Let me tell you I was wide open on most of the track and I was no where near the guys in the top 3 spots. If you are running a bore kit with a stock cylinder you will have an advantage for sure, it would be a good idea to use an aftermarket rear shock if you don't have one because going through the whoops at minimoto on a stock rear shock is insane, trust me i did it lol. I'm not too sure about your fork tube question though.
Good luck and see you at minimoto.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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