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new rider for mini moto sx 2013

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hi I am going to the mini moto sx 2013 in the 10 stock/mod class... I was wondering what I can do to my Honda crf50 get the the most power out of it... i have a pipe, bbr rev box and a big bore kit. what else am i aloud to do to my bike... and what should i exepect from the racing... what gear should i run and what gear to start in... thanks a lot for the help guys...
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XR/CRF50, TT-R50, DRZ 70, Pitster XJR 90 SS and BRAAAP 88cc Motorcycles Only. – Must be 18 years of age or older as of race date. The following items must remain “Bone Stock”: Engine cases, Engine head and cylinder (No AFTERMARKET aluminum heads allowed, no cylinder spacers allowed), carburetor (re-jetting is allowed. Choke must remain on carb), carburetor manifold, engine appearance (do not paint or coat cases), frame, swingarm, forks, wheels hubs (10” only front and rear), brakes, fuel tank. (Stock cylinder can be bored/ ONLY stock cylinders allowed!)

Bikes can be modified by changing or adding the following parts: Upper triple clamps, handlebars, grips, brake cable, throttle cable, kill-switch, throttle assembly, sprockets, graphics, tires, piston, rings, exhaust system, clutch springs and plates (clutch must remain fully automatic, NO manual clutches allowed), dual action clutch allowed, however clutch lever must be removed, CDI box, air filter, fork springs, rear shock, chain, sprockets, foot pegs/mounts, skid plates, rims and spokes, shifter and brake lever, seat covers and foam, plastic (i.e.: fenders, shrouds, number plates can be replaced in color only- must have white backgrounds). Practice & qualifying - time TBD
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rules directly from there site, big bore proubly has to go bud
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