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Hello, i'm a new member from brazil, i just aquired my first bike, a chinese "Shineray XY 50Q" it's a 4 stroke 50cc. I like (and have a bit of knowlege) in mechanics stuff, i'm not sure in which forum questions about this bike would fit..

I'll probably be making some questions about the mechanics of it (it seems to be very honda compatible), it has been modified by the last owner (some honda CG parts like the headlight, turn signals, rear view mirrors, etc), i've installed the rear turn signals and the rear light as well since i took the picture.

Any toughts on how to make it look better? i can cut, weld, paint, etc. i want it to look a little meaner maybe? (not easy with this kind of bike) and maybe a little more vintage as well.

Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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