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New here have some ?'s

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New to the site and have a few questions, I am working on what I believe is a 1971 Honda Z50 mini trail. The vin reads [Z50A-377769] and the motor stamp is [Z50AE 354490] it has the aluminum brake levers and a foot brake lever and round tank emblems The question I have is can any one tell me by the vin# exactly what year this is before I order some parts. Thanks in advance looking forward to being part of this site.
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Serial number comes back to a 73 Z50AK4. If you bades are round and not oval sounds like you have a KO or K1 tank on a K4.
Forgot to ad that it does not have a battery either.
Rear shocks or hardtail? Post up a pic...
No shocks hard tail I will try to get pics up soon
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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