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Im new here. I have a 2001 ttr90, that i got from a buddy who said if you can fix it you can have it lol. ok i know what i need to do to fix it, but i need alot of help with upgrades. maybe you guys can help me figure out what kind of forks i could get, tires and rims, im looking to buy this 110cc hyper s stage kit with the p22 carburator. I would really appreciate anything that you can help me with. websites anything. also if I can get an aluminum swing arm.

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Got a fmf power core 4 pipe and a kx 60 stock rear shock forsale to raise it up and I pmed you about raising the back of the bike. Frontend is going to take fab work though if you want a better front end and one that will raise it up but I love fab work and I got old kx 80 forks on mine which are the same as kx 60 ones. If not I told you how to deal with the stock forks for the time being in my pm also.

Here is my mod ttr 90

Yeah you can trick out a 90. By this coming fall it will have a full kx 65 rear end and a kx 65 front end on it hopefully. Motor will be in the winter unless badmatt sells his built one by then but I told him if he ever sells it I got dibs on it.

badmatt has got a two sick 90s too also and is parting out a whole built 90 with a 110 big bore motor last I heard he was putting it back to stock to sell it so pm him.

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Just for the few that haven't seen a mod ttr90.

This is my TTR120 with a manual clutch and more.

Home made Manual clutch

Balanced & lightened crank

Lightened flywheel

Takegawa 110 cylinder with Powroll 120 sleeve

Ported & polished head with titanium valves & springs

Special one off cam by Web Cams

Heavy duty clutch springs

Heavy duty clutch plates

Takegawa intake ported

Mikuni TM 24mm carb

GYTR Tapit covers

GYTR cam cover

GYTR oil drain plugp

AA personalized timing covers & oil fill plug

Big gun exhaust

GYTR graphics

Protaper bars

Scott grips

ASV leavers

Pit pro aluminum gas cap

BBR ttr125 top clamp

Ttr125 stock bottom clamp

TTR 125le forks lowered

YZ85 master & caliper

Galfer front brake line

Galfer Wave front rotor

YZ85 front hub

Buchanan HD front spokes & nipples

Blue 14in Pro-Wheel rim

Pro Circuit KX60 rear shock

With adjustable rebound & compression damping

TTR90 modified swingarm

Home made rear chain guide

TTR90 rear hub

Vortex Cat5 blue 38 tooth sprocket

Pro-wheel HD spokes & nipples

Blue 12in Pro-Wheel rim

Maxxis HD tubes

Michelin starcross tires

GYTR footpegs

HD footpeg bracket

GYTR +1 shifter


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here's my build thread on a one of a kind ttr 90 build using ktm 65 and rm/kx 65 parts....:cool:

my build spec....


spec of bike is.....

kx 65 marazochi front forks and clamps

klx 110 elka rear shock wit hremote res

bbr +5 perimeter crf 50 rear swing arm

talon hubs and excel rims with hd stainless steel spokes and wavey discs off a kx 65

kx 65 brakes front and rear using a sik tendencies rear klx brake adapter kit

ttr 90 gas flowed and ported head with takegawa race cam

takegaw hyper s stage 110 big bore kit with 24mm takegawa carb and race filter

guts racing tall seat

pro taper cr 65 junior mx handle bars

klx 110 front fender

kx 65 front number board

billett gas cap

renthal chain and sprockets

two brothers racing M6 exhaust

klx 110 fastway evo 2 pegs

ktm 65 brembo rear master cyclinder mated to a reeg mx master cyclinder bracket and reeg mx rear brake pedal with custom stainless stell braided brake lines front and rear

modified and reinforced frame to mount the klx 110 elka rear shock

stock modified reinforced peg mount

blue billett front master cyclinder cover

blue billett front brake line holder

pax racing does a ttr 110 marazochi forks that should fit the ttr 90 and a honda or klx 110 swing arm will fit but you will have to get some spacers made for the swing arm to fit the frame so there is no play left to right on the pivot point on the frame...I would personally go with a crf50/70 plus 5 inch swing arm as the swing arm bolt diameter on the ttr 90 and crf 50/70 are the same diameter so you dont have to drill out the frame like some people who have used the klx rear swing arm and the klx sized bearing,you can use the klx 110 swing arm and swap out the bearings in it for some that will fit your swing arm bolt but it's easier to use honda swing arm then you can use and honda based rear wheel with no custom made shims aswell.....hope this helps and good luck with the build........
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