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New GSXR50 owner

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Hey there. My name is Jon and I have become the new owner of a 1987 GSXR50. I figured if I can find any information this would be the best spot. There is no much information around on these bikes and alot of what I am finding is conflicting with other sites. I am starting a resto-mod on the bike and am in need of parts, suggestions, advice, and anything else useful. I noticed that the forum does not have a section for these bikes. I look forward to interfacing with you knowledgable people out there.
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I'm also looking to upgrade to 12" rims if possible. The ones I'm really looking for are the 3 spoke design on the early NSR 50's
I have been looking for one of those forever. You dont see them much
And you can't find out much about them. Many sites conflict each other. I'm looking for anyone with parts and/or knowledge about these things so I can get it built properly
Can someone send me the measurements of a stock NSR 50 wheel ie. axle diameter, wheel hub width, outer wheel width, total height w/ tire. I want to fit the older style 3 spoke NSR 50 12 inch on my GSXR 50 if possible so if any of you have any lying around let me know. And do the older ones come with drum brakes or disc?
Disc brakes. Check link for GAG50 info.

Suzuki RB50 GAG (GSX-R50)
the GSXR 50 came with drum rear brake. I am inquiring if the early NSR 50 wheels had drum or disk since I am wanting to do a NSR 50 12 inch wheel conversion
Nice score. There's a guy right up the street from me that has one. I saw it out in his yard years ago, and asked him if he wanted to sell it, he didn't. He uses it as a pit bike around the drag strip I guess.

I've never seen anybody work with one of these bikes before. Should be cool. I don't even think Suzuki made the motor that came in those bikes. Should be a cool bike, post up some pics. --L*64
As far as I know Suzuki did make the motor. It is a 49cc 4 stroke and I won't sell mine either lol
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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