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new england?

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are there any other pitbike races in new england besides the MOM series? id like to race the 110 more, and MOM only is a part of the year. anyone know of anything?
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Rock Maple Racing ran the Pit-X series this past year. From what I heard it's unlikely they will be running a series in 2009. The website is rock maple racing

There's been talk of Team Baby Trap and ECM running a series in 2009. Websites are team baby trap and ecm

The New England Motocross Association NEMA MX Racing for kids in New Englandwas running a pit bike class on saturday of their 2 day weekend races. I'm not sure if it's worthwhile if you're just racing pitbikes or if they intend to continue this in 2009.

And if you've got some time off around the holidays and want to do some midwinter riding you can join us for "Ride 'til you're Raw". We expect to make it an annual event.

Ride 'til you're Raw 2009
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now thats what im talkin about! hah thanks dude
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