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New Bike Pics From today! (blood)

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what happens when someone does the last jump of the day on a **** bike and a front tire case?????????????

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haha thats me on the first 2 pics!! Woot!
hey the first 2 pics are me! woot
thats sukks
what happened? concussion? thats a pretty big jump.
Cool pics!

Sucks about the kids face!!
ya, he went to the er

and he had a concusion bad enough to were he dosnt remember anything that happened today, yesterday, he didnt even remeber that his face was ****ed up...
That Sucks
i called him like 30 min ago, and his sis picked up and he is still there

so i hope no like brain damage happened

cause hes got to hit it tommorow!!!!

yeah his face looks a little rough - hope he is OK

but still doesnt look as bad as my kids did in the fall when he got hit with a baseball (you know one of those dangerous sports)
are you a chick???



i liked mountain bikes until today


well now i dont have 1
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High Maintenance said:
BMX bikes are hot.

why thank you!! haha im the one on the bmx
High Maintenance said:
BMX bikes are hot.
ou know how many people on here are gonna start riding bikes because you said that.
No really, BMX bikes are hot. I can't ride one, wish I could, but still. and yes, I am in fact a species of the non-balled creatures.
chicks on BMX are hot .... Hell CHICKS on any bike is hot with that little thong just covering the target on the small of her back OH YAH
hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahah non balled creatures
ya but seans a ****
1 - 20 of 68 Posts
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