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  1. Oh man,lol ok take the plate out of the intake get a jet kit rig up a intake and oil return can. I'll just say get a variator what kind is up to you there is a bunch. clutch springs color that's you again the ruck has different trans gears already I have 9982 miles on my 07 met speedo goes all the way to hi beam light on dash chp said 57 it's a stock head,cam, piston. No gy6 yet lol oh and stay up on the valves they get tight wen you beat on them buy a puck kit if it starts and runs for min then dies wen cold go to the valves it's a pain in the ass but she'll go fast again lol nothing like Vegas for mini Moto sx beating China junk scooters in parking garages made me and dad buy 2 Honda Mets
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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