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NEOC Pitbike Harescramble Series Race Dates are up...

NEOC Series 2009 Race Dates

2009 is looking bigger and better...Many surprises and fun things to come for our 2nd year!

A Nor'easter has set course for its second season and it is casting a Wave that you just need to Ride!

All info, flyers and links to locations will be posted.........

1. March 14th & 15th C.C. Fairgrounds Millville, NJ

2. April 4th & 5th The Almighty Pecometh MD

3. April 25th & 26th Ormond Farms Millville NJ

4. May 9th & 10th.....will be announced, contract still in negotiation

5. May 30th & 31st Monster Buck MD

6. June 20th & 21st Mountain Ridge PA

7. July 11th & 12th The Iceman PA

Summer Break

8. Sept 12th & 13th Ormond Farms Millville, NJ

9. Oct 3rd & 4th C.C. Fairgrounds Millville,NJ

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Any updates on this race?

Looking forward to getting out there, just wanna make sure it's still a go.;)

The fair grounds race/endurecross is always a great time.

A link to the classes would be great too.
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