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Need to ride please help!

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I have a lifan motor. The old peg bracket from the 50 doesnt clear the case.

Are the mounting holes the same for KLX110?

I was told the honda minitrail/z50 pegs would work, but I want something with the 1" setback....and maybe BBR. BrandXminis has a nice seton ebay too

I wanna get a bracket here by Saturday latest can anybody help?

If anyone has a used bracket that fits lets make something happen!

Thanks everyone!
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Cmon guys nobody can help me figure this out!!!!!

You keep leavin me hangin....pickin on the newbs
You can usually get away with using some spacers and longer bolts with a stock peg bracket to make it clear the clutch cover. Or hit up one of the vendors that sell the Chinese bikes. Pitster, T-bolt, ETC for one of their peg brackets.
thanks! I did end up getting it to work with spacers and I modified the skidplate a little by shortening the bosses. its all done now I can't wait to ride it.
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