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Well first off my bike has been sitting for over a month or two. Went out and tried to fire it up. Had no go a pop or so but nothing. Its a bear to start anyways with a stroked tb165 with v2 head etc. Before it sat it ran like a beast with no problems. Was bit hard to start but within a couple of kicks it would start.

Now I finally got it started without no airfilter on it but after I put the airfilter back on it would not start. Spray carb cleaner in the carb and still no good. Would only get it to run perfect with no air filter on it Then I tried the air screw and finally got it to start with the air cleaner on it with a couple turns out on the air screw of a vm 26mm carb. But when I went out to ride it seems to hesitate a bit. I am thinking I may just drain the old gas out put some fresh gas in and see what I get then play with the damn air screw since when the bike ran fine it was only like a turn out. I tried two different air filters too. It may be the hot and humid weather it was like 90 out but the humidity was really bad so that may be playing a role in it.

Why I am having this problem before a race sat. I dont know. All I know is my damn foot is so sore from kicking this beast over more then I can count!!!! haha Its like kicking a 250F over!

Anyone think with a bigger motor the airfilters are not letting in enough air needed? Or is it just a case of bad gas and hot weather?
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