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ok i have got my bike pulled to pieces, and i want to make both the front and the rear shocks stiffer.

from my understanding fork oil is just hydraulic oil if im right, and i can get my hands on plenty of this for free or next to nothing, and seeming as im a tight arse atm because of getting a car i need to know whether this will work or destroy my forks.

and also another question for the forks, spacers in the forks. how does this work? (do you just stack washers in? and if so do they just go ontop of the spring or do they go between for some reason?) what will the effect of doing this do aswell as replacing the oil?

now to the rear. my bike has a 43cm shock so im finding it hard to find springs and such for it. im wondering if just tightening the spring and slowing the rebound to its slowest will work for stiffening it up and not making it to badder pogo stick. and yes again i dont have any money to go to wreckers and pay for parts. i want to get my bike set up well for winter again and dad wants my bike back together and not taking up the space in his shed again so a quick response will be much appreciated.

thanks in advance all you tech gurus
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