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Need some help on a build.

trying to instal lt6 forks on a sik50s frame.

i dont know why but the stem wont go all the way flush with the lower clamp and I also have 1/4" play the stem slides up and down through the neck. Im not sure if Im missing anything or if I need to do something different. I have both bearings in it(not oem) and I have that piece that is threaded and screws onto the stem but underneath the top clamp and above the neck, unsure what its called. Anyone have ideas on why I have this play and how to fix it, could it be because I need to use a different style bearing setup? Also where do i mount the key switch since sik50s frame doesnt have the piece on the frame backbone.

oh and last how many link chain is needed for a plus 2 swinger?

thanks guys.
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