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Need help installing super oil cooler

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I'm trying to mount the oil cooler but looks like I ran out of room under the frame. I've got a Fast 50's frame, 88cc TB kit with Race Head, and a breather kit. I tried positioning the cooler between the head and the frame but it doesn't fit. Anyone else have this problem?

I was thinking maybe an intake manifold adapter that will let me reposition the carb, but I don't think that will help. If I move it too far forward the forks might actually hit the cooler (XR75 fork mod).

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I have the billet oil cooler, but I didn't have that problem. It has a stock frame so far. Could your frame be closer to the motor than stock. Mine bolted on easy. Here is a picture of how mine is set up. That is before I installed the TB head kit. I didn't have to relocate the cooler though. I will have to make my own brackets when I get my Perimeter frame, but with stock one it bolted on no problems. Maybe the picture will help.

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Or instead of removing the front number plate cut out the bottom half of it and put some metal mesh in there to look like the vented number plate on the big bikes. Just an idea if you were thinking about mounting it there
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