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Need help deciding

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I posted this in the klx110 section too. Trying to get an unbiased opinion.

Okay check it out. I'm in the middle of a real hard decision.

Recently just parted out my 110 and now im looking for another pit bike.

I've went through a total of 3 stock(motor) 110's, and I think I may be looking for something different such as the OGM 160's.

A guy has a stock 2007 klx110 with a procircuit pipe on it he wants to sell me for $800.

Or, I could keep saving for another month and go with the already modded out ogm 160 or medina clone w/yx160....for about 1600 shipped to my door. What do yall think?
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klx!!! i dont see how you went thru 3 stock motors and i have nothin wrong with mine except output shaft slips...
no 2 of my 110's nothing was wrong with them....the last one gave me trouble
I'd go with a Pitster Pro. The OGM's and G2 Moto bikes are also very good.
Get the Medina clone, drop in a motor, and you can get replacement parts on the PitPro website! That is the perfect thing to do since it is so cheap.
If you got the money go klx! If your on a low budget go chinese.
I personally would go with the klx110, I heard they dont run as good compared to other companies.
medina roller with yx 160 would be my choice.
hmmmm...maybe I'll get the 110, save up a little more money and then sell the 110 for what its worth and try a china bike
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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