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I bought a new daytona DOHC head with 54mm piston and mounting material.

Yesterday i would put it on my daytona 119 sohc engine with 54mm x 69mm high cylinder.
I had seen that the DOHC Piston doesnt came on top to the zylinder. So i became from my friend an other original daytona 54mm x 67mm high cylinder.,
Now the Piston come on top to the cylinder but the timing chain is not tense. The 82 chain link is to short and the 84 chain link is to long when i put the dohc head on the engine.
When i use the 69 high cylinder and the 84 chain link than the chain will fit, but not the Piston displacement.

What do i Need for the 115/119 DOHC Kit ?? a other Zylinder and an other crankshaft ?
I can't find an dealer here in Austria or Germany that kow's this.

I hope you can read my english.
Thank you for helping me.

Best Regards Dominik

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Here's what I know.
It may or may not be 1,000% correct.

The 119cc DOHC Daytona kits we sold were for Honda XR/CRF50 engines.
52mm stroke crankshaft
54mm bore cylinder that is standard XR/CRF50 height of 63mm
Cam chain is 82L

We have crankshafts and one cylinder left.
No pistons, rings or gaskets.

For someone closer for help and/or parts you may try Geert @ Geeco Bike in Belgium., [email protected], [email protected]

Best of luck,

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I find it very cool to get a response from you :) Thank you bbr :D
Sorry for my late Answer but i was on Holiday since Christmas.
I will check which crankshaft is installed in my daytona engine.
Do you know what's thedifferents between daytona dohc 119 and dohc 150 ? Is it also a different head or only Piston, Cylinder and Crankshaft ?

How much should be the cylinder and the crankshafts cost ?

Can i order directly from you, or should i order by the Austrian BBR Dealer - Markus Erlacher ? I ordered the last bbr parts from this dealer. He was or is on your International dealer list.

Thank you a lot.

Best Regards Dominik.

BBR are the Best:heart: :unitedstates:
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