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shaq93 said:
that is a fast time for the quarter

He practically lives at the track LOL. He and his wife campaign a SOHC Honda 4 door NA racecar. "Pinkie" Not to mention he helps countless people including myself with their builds. He's got no reason to lie about his quarter times LOL. Not that that's what you were inferring. I'm sure he had a few tricks in that motor.

Did I mention his Dad is a HALL OF FAME drag racer from the 60's and 70's:D?

RuckusKiller said:
Its been a couple weeks but here is a pic of the swing arm. Just a little extension on it. Lol.. Paint this coming weekend to match the wifes race car.

Dont do her like that with the paint...:-x
1 - 9 of 52 Posts
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