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My redone mini

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here he is :) new swingarm, carb, intake.. soon to have the race head.. suspension will be done before vegas and maybe a bigger bore kit.. but he is lookin real nice! :cool:

sorry for the crappy pics.. i was bored at perris between motos haha.

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The red bolt pattern with the blue is so crazy!
looks real good.i like the white.. and the red bolts on the engine
nice graphics, but what's with the half colored spokes?
just a lil spray paint boys :cool: wait until i post up pics of my "retro" leatt ill be rockin this weekend at elsinore.. gonna look dope! neon pink,green,orange.. the works.. gold was gettin old. time to freshen it up!
Thats sick. and surprisingly your the 2nd person ive seen besides in company photos of fhe 4.1 in that color.
50 said:
How is Perris on the mini Erika?

didnt even attemp to go over to the mini track. CARS EVERYWHERE. it was gold cup race day.. like 25 motos.. so i just mobbed the pits. i had by far the sickest mini outta all them gooners riding stockers in the pits haha.
carey said:
wicked clean, looks really good!!!

hell ya when its your own hard earned money going into that thing and not mommy and daddy's you take care of your stuff for sure! gotta take care of it if i want it to last!

thanks :cool:
That bike looks really good.. loving the spokes and the red bolts!
I like the baby blue, noone rocks that really. It looks like your motor has chicken pocks!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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