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my crf 70

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thats by far the sikest 10" 70 i have ever seen great job
ye its well nice to ride the suspension is perfect on it and the engine pulls so sweet
where do you guys ride over there? My buddy at work is from England and he's always talking about this one multi million dollar track that some guy built. he makes it sound sweet. always disked/ watered/ faced... still a kewl place?
there not that great to be honest but the mx tracks on the minis are better we have got a little race series that reeg mx sorted and we race on just mx tracks wich is the best the tracks are well rough so makes it pretty good
WOW! VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY!!! nice 70!!! is that a stock modified frame of slowracer?????
i think the frame was a prototype
son said:
ok cool. just wondering.
thanks for the comments:D
have not got a clue what 50 zokes are if you are on about the forks they are crf 70 marazochii's
they can't be! 50 zokes are like stock forks with springs and rods in them on a 70.
blue gas cap is a little out of place. awesome bike though.
infidel said:
blue gas cap is a little out of place. awesome bike though.
it goeswith my other plastics better i know
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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