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My bike.. picsss

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sweet. luv the tbr dress up kit. wat size bore is it? r u gunna get a different rear hub? im tryin 2 get a sproket made 4 my 60 hud on one of my 110s.
Dude nice bike! I do have one sugestion, lose the home depot bike stand and get real one it would be a shame to reck your bike in the driveway.
hehe.. I have one but I forgot it at the shop
thats tite

never seen a blue chain before
looks good
thats such a nice bike. i hope mine turns out something like that. wat did it cost u? wat size motor? thanks

I like that dress up kit!
thats a nice bike what do you think of your Two Brothers swing arm? oh and what rear shock did you use ?
The twobros swingarm works flawless! I use ishock f-22 long shock. It's imo better than racetech..
looks realllll good with the little hints of blue, nice build.
looks nice, i wish they made these graphics for crf50s
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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