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I was wondering what you all think it is worth cuz i am thinking about selling it!!

it has:

polini hubs and disc brakes hydralic front

tall seat (fast 50s)

foot pegs (fast 50s)

106 motor with oil cooler and manual clutch and 24mm carb (built by Lahaye)

shaved flywheel

12in fonrt wheel gold

rear gold rim

lahaye long travel swingarm with le ishock

EBR forx

RB bars

IMS shifter

still a stock frame

blue and yellow plastic with lahaye grafix

HMF exhaust

Factory Metals skidplate

I think that is but but i dunno there is probably more but let me know how much you think it is worth!

and if you are interested in it pm but i am not sure about selling it yet

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matt295 said:
I am pretty sure a dealer wouldn't offer you anythin.

I would say its worth about $4500-$5000.

You might get $5000 if it was brand new and never ridden. But I doubt it. Most people know that a bike that has that much stuff on it, had pretty much been raced or abused.

But i'm not saying that your bike is abused, it might be in perfect cond, but I know I wouldn't pay $5000 for a used 50, cause then I might as well go out and buy an SDG and put a lahaye kit on, and mod the motor to make it have close to the same power as your bike, and do it all for less money.

I would say that a real world price would be $3000-$3500.

just my 02cents
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