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MSR HandGuards on Protaper Big Bars?

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I can't seem to make them work without bending them. Anyone else have any luck doing this? Remember, these are the MSR handguards.
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I dunno we bent our Acerbis plastic covered Aluminum hand gaurds with no negative issues?:cool:
This is why we use hand gaurds. I've had to creative with different bars to make them work............ We race and we know what happens even when only racing at 85-95%, last weekend i had a catastrophic rear tube failure that sent me dwon the pavement maxed out in 3rd gear (about 35-40mph) without the hand guards the bike would have sustained damage to the Clutch lever/perch. I have an extra set of controls just incase........:rolleyes:


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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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