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This is not my event just passing it along


It aint ova...

As many of you know we are hosting One More Ride up at Mototown (the indoor MX complex in Windsor CT on Saturday December 13th from 6-10pm

This is a pit bike ONLY practice ride - so we are taking over the joint. This is not a race and everyone is welcome to attend. It should be a blast and I have already gotten emails from many, many riders who want to rally up. I have riders from as far away as NJ coming right now but I know there are guys in MD, PA, etc that have expressed interest.

The cost is $30 per person

New Info - the Marriott (right down the road) gave us a special MoM rate of $99 per room which is pretty bad ass because this is a business hotel and usually get $250-$350 per night during the week. For any of you who have stayed there with us in the past then you know - it is waaaay nicer than you dirtballs deserve...

And on that note - please please please be respectful of your surroundings when you are there. We have a special relationship with the Marriott and they have taken EXCELLENT care of us over the last 3 years. I want to show them that although most of you are scary ugly, and some grotesquely fat, that you are actually decent people who pay your bills. I want to make sure they will not only have us back but continue to offer us such an aggressive rate. Besides, I told them if they didnt hose us on the rate, we would spend it at the bar... (insert crowd cheer!)

So call and reserve your room today under the "Masters of Mini" to get that rate. The number is 860-688-7500

The Marriott has a 6pm day of cancellation policy - so you can cancel with no penalties up to 6pm on the 13th - which means you can literally cancel your room on the way to the ride if you really had to - so it is best to reserve your room today and get locked in on the rate and a room. My worry is that since it is Christmas holiday season, and they already have one holiday party booked there for the 13th - it might fill up - so doesnt hurt just to book it and enjoy thanksgiving without any worries. Currently I have a block of only 15 rooms because I wasnt sure how many of you would be coming up so I would be stoked to have that block fill up and have to call in for more - but I dont want to wait until 3 days before because of what I just described

Anyway - I am discussing the bar party with them next week so should have more details on what food we can order and how late, etc. I know from last year everyone wanted food so i am trying to get the kitchen to stay open later for us - details to follow

Special Interest - The boys from G2 Moto will be there with a bunch of new bikes and have offered up free demos to us during our ride - all you have to do is sign the waiver. I am also discussing with several other local companies who have expressed interest in coming down for the ride and demo products - so this should be a blast. Matt Francis will be putting together a slide show of the 2008 season and probably some of the best photos of the last two seasons as well - so bring a tissue and be ready to walk down memory lane... I am reaching out to Robb Swiatek as well to see if he can possibly put together a quick year end video

Lastly - I will be handing out a raffle ticket with every paid rider and we will have a raffle at the bar. I have some left over goodies from the series and some pretty good like a free FMF pipe! so rally everyone you can and lets make this a strong showing to close out the season - and then a stronger showing at the after party - bring your pro (drinking) licenses as long as you plan on taking the elevator home

Stoked - this is going to be a good time with no pressures

I want to thank all of you for showing your support to MoM over the years - it is because of all of you (whether you come to one event or all of them) that we have such a strong series. And because of that we can do more fun things like this

Thank you!



David Olcott

[email protected]

PS TTR125's and CRF150's are allowed
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