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motor wanted

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does anyone have any stock motors for sale
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i have a motor but it has a 88 s-stage kit on it $525 shipped to your house
brand new stock motor with a minute or two on it...600
Look at my signature.... Not stock but almost.
brand new stock motor with a minute or two on it...600

You can buy a brand new crate motor from service honda for that much.
haha sanowills right , pimpin u want too much, atleast i dont try to sell my sh!t for full price, oh ya by the way motors are electric and engines are combustion
yea im sellin it for someone else and please show me this 600 for a brand new complete motor with all electronics and ready to bolt in for 600......thanks
this sure looks like it says $600 right here, check it out
sure looks like it says 687 for an 03

go ahead and spend the extra 87 dollars and get an 03..fine with me...wonder how much more the 04 is....same motor except for the kick starter and side cover.

smart ass just got burned
no, it says $600 for an 02 motor. That moto is the same exact motor as an 03 or 04 motor so. I see what u r saying when u say that the 03 motor is $687, but the 02 motor is the same exact motor and is only $600
yea i feel ya.....does this come ready to bolt in and go?? cdi, coil, all that stuff too? carb, air box??? i really dont think it comes fully ready to run....but what do i know.
haha, well motor is now reduced to 500. no carb and intake.
600 for a motor?? A new bike is like 1200. You could buy a new bike for the motor, part out the rest and pay less than 600 in the end!

150 for a tank

120 for the frame and swingarm

100 for CRF plastics

150 for the fork assembly

30 for a seat

100 front wheel

100 rear wheel

Theres an easy $750 (approximately). That would put the motor at about $450 with EVERYTHING.
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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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