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MotoHP Sponsorship

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Kyle Bosch has taken it upon himself to stop riding for MotoHP. He still rides his MotoHP prepped 165+R, but felt that he would get better sponsorship from another company. So, MotoHP is currently looking to fill the void left by Kyle. If you have a 110 and are looking for a support ride, please send your e-mail to [email protected]
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Why don't you guys start sponsorsing 50 racers as well?
Good luck, you decided if your going to come to TX for the race yet? Let me know man

I will do my best to make it out to TX.... I think Tyson and Kevin will be coming out to race. I spoke to Lyle today... The track will be a little larger then Vegas, but not a big bike track.

Sorry, we don't do 50's
Ya the track is not very big at all. Hopefully they will do a lot of work to it before the race so it'll be good. But hopefully you can find some
Email sent.
those sneaky bosch bros
MotoHP has some of the best stuff out there. So you guys better jump on the opportunity to get a good deal through them.
Sent you guys an Email. Hope it isn't too late.

Also, the track is gonna be awesome. Russell runs a good facility and it is gonna be a killer race. I think it will probably be on a whole new track. I cant see them running it on the pitbike track or even the big bike track, even though the big bike track is a blast on pitbikes
Andrew I was going to tell you to email him but Idk if you got it. We need to go riding some time man.
For sure. You need to hitch a ride with us to Lubbock in August. I am almost done with my 110. Just waiting on a few parts and I need to finish up the motor. haha. Its gonna be sick. I got the BBR rear end back from the anodizers . . . gonna be pretty.
MotoHP has the BEST stuff around. Eddy is the coolest guy and will make sure you have what you need. Thanks Eddy!
I would be intrested, but my buddy said he has already emailed you and called you about me getting setup with you guys, but didnt get a responce. Guess you guys already found someone.

Thanks, Daniel
ya your email didn't work for me either
Email sent
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