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Monkey Gorilla z50 z50r confusion

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I'm sort of lost. I'm needing some clarification on what parts fit on what. Mainly I'm looking at getting a stock z50r year of 86 at the moment and need to know what it is considered as monkey/gorilla because I want to eventually get some hop-up parts that g-craft and some other JDM companies offer but I can't figure out what would fit from the pictures and I can't translate those catalogs at all.

Also confused about frames, like is the z50 and the z50r frame the same as a crf50? because I see a lot of engines/mods but they don't say exactly what they fit on.

The only thing I can tell is different from the technical thread pictures from year to year is the gas tank handlebars and seat.

Any help or a link explaining this would be helpful thanks.
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79-88 Z50R fits the Monkey/Gorilla parts.

Z50/Z50R is not the same frame as the CRF50.

Try the fine publication of Z50, CT70, ZB50 and Monkeybike tuning parts. for more info. You can order JDM parts from them also.
So the engine mounts are pretty much the same between most honda 50 minis but the CRf50 and Z50 have major differences in frame design other then the engine mount and head tubes, those two components are the same.

What kind of bike are you looking to build? Custom Z50 or Monkey Style bike?

well after looking at the g-craft catalog and converting yen to usd

still in sticker shock mode.

With a z50r as the base, I'm probably just going to do engine upgrades/springs to begin. I do plan to ride it.

Definitely don't want a pit bike look though

In the future though I'd like one of those oil can style gas tanks g-craft has and a nifty retro style ribbed seat cusions.

I have this vision of a mini Mad Max style bike with like a deer hide seat cover, something dystopian.

Anyway I think that translates to mean custom z50.

Found one that resembles what I'm eventually going for but dirtier and without the biycle style seat. I love that tank.


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Hey, that's neat! I like the old-school dragster zoomie exhaust.

Softtail Z50A has a similar-looking frame to a Z50R, but the tank mount is different. A has the two little pegs sticking out near the head tube from the sides of the frame spine. R has a sort of C-channel bracket sticking up from the spine, and farther back, with the pegs sticking out of that. Not sure if the seat mount holes are different yet; haven't had a chance to examine that close.
Z50R's don't have the same brackets welded to the frame as a Road going Z50 would have.

i.e Z50R Frames don't have brackets for a left hand side panel , battery box mouint points , rear brake light switch bracket , additional loom retainers etc

The CRF50 frame is mono shock

Z50 Z50R are twin shock

The Z50A softail frame differences was mentiond above ^^
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this thread has some really good information, should be sticky or at least in a guide somewhere.
Gorilla tank with the Takegawa QR seat on a 79-87 Z50 is the hotness. Maybe with the Takegawa Red Monkey Tail Light & 72-78 Upper fork legs and a Multi-reflector headlight.
Yeah, this GORILLA is so slick, but the seat is MEH. It would be slick with that qr seat


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dude weraenet im totaly confused too i think i wanna buld a gorilla does anyone know how hard it is to make this thing leagal in tex?
pay off Perry and join the GOP I dunno haha? I thought you guys did it like we do in Michigan, just do it and see what happens.

We pretty much love our sheriff and avoid state boys at all costs.

Here is Texas moped law if you have everything properly market. I doubt they even bother checking some of this though, it's like here have a sticker I'm guessing.

Required: light (always lit), horn, directionals, tail light or reflector, stop light(s), r.v. mirror. Approved helmet required. No riders unless ped has 2 seats (sidecars excepted). Inspection sticker required for TX residents. 30mph limit, 50cc, 2 BHP. No muffler cutouts. Liability insurance required . Medical coverage required on rider. Class "M" Drivers Licence. Texas has reciprocity with all other states but Wisconsin & Michigan to allow passage of other state's peds and legal drivers IF THEY HAVE TAGS. Constant lights not required on pre-1975 models not so equipped.

Vs. Michigan

A two- or three-wheeled vehicle with a motor which has no more than 50cc piston displacement producing two brake horsepower or less. The moped must have a power drive system that does not require shifting gears and cannot have a top speed exceeding 30 mph on level surfaces.

To operate a moped on public roadways and highways, you must have a valid operator or chauffeur license. If you do not have either of these licenses and are above the age of 15, you may apply for a moped at a Secretary of State office.

Mopeds must be registered at a Secretary of State branch office unless operated solely on private property. You must pay a $15 fee for a three-year registration decal and put it on the back of your moped so it is visible to law enforcement officers. It expires April 30 in the year on the decal. Since a moped is not classified as a motor vehicle in Michigan, it is exempt from the insurance laws.

So bascially they just sell you a sticker :)

Only problem for ORV titles is they can pick and choose to mess with you, probably depending on mood they are in or quotas.
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Don't even get me started on our DNR hehe. If you can out drink them at the bar after the poker run it's like what sticker man? Decibels huh?
Something like this.....80's Z50R frame, K3 front forks....


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I can't stand seeing the frame under the seat mounts like that. I can't find a picture of a mounted qr seat anywhere with a gorilla tank.
i want to do a build like razzo's bike but i want the tak dohc kit and i want to strech it kinda like a drag bike but not hella long and ride it to work lol
Been a few updates to it now. Takagawa Special Clutch and TB 114 BB kit. 16t/30t. Nice for the street! Gorilla tank cuts down on gas stops!
i eant it to kinda look like this one but i dont want the brakes cuz im not rich lol but i love the pipe on it


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wearenet said:
I can't stand seeing the frame under the seat mounts like that. I can't find a picture of a mounted qr seat anywhere with a gorilla tank.

Overview of the "Bobby" meeting last saturday in belgium, look at the right of the first picture and the left of the second. (sorry for the size)

I will try if i can find a better picture of that gorilla.


Picture taken by somebody else of another gorilla, brackets not visible though.

Pictures from other people:

Pictures by ronvis - Photobucket page 1 to 14


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Wow that sits a lot higher than I thought, you almost need to get some plastics for it then.

Or is that a CRF mono-shock frame with a different mount style?

They need to make a thicker one that sits against the Gorilla tank like that
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