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Modded Rm80 for sale cheap!!

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I have a 1987 rm 80 for sale with title with a brand new top end and weisco racing piston. It also has a full dg racing exhaust worth 300 alone. the bike runs strong right now and will start up first kick. only problem is it water pours out the overflow when ran. i have no clue why but it does. would be a great cheap bike to fix and rip on or even part out on ebay and make some cash. 300 firm or ill just keep it around as a lawn ornament. first come first served. call 724 516 4922 ask for shane

300 FIRM!!!!!

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no impaler's fine its turning. just put new seals on it.
just put a new gasket kit in and tried that. that wasnt the problem
i think the cylinder may be over bored because the top end is fresh. we punched it to i think 3 thousandths over. its being parted now.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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